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1 Killed, 1 Injured In 3-Car Crash Near Van Nuys Airport - CBS Los Angeles


VAN NUYS (CBSLA) — One person was killed and another was injured Thursday night in a three-car crash in Van Nuys.

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, three cars were involved in the collision in the 16400 block of West Vanowen Street, just outside of the Van Nuys Airport, at about 9:10 p.m.

The driver of one of the vehicles was pronounced dead at the scene after firefighters worked to free him from the car, and a second person was taken to the hospital in fair condition after being able to get out of one of the vehicles. A third person left the scene before fire crews arrived.

The cause of the crash was still under investigation.

Vanowen Street was closed for one block in both directions for the investigation.

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Police: Man found dead in car in Hackensack River was missing 49-year-old from Hillsdale -

, Published 7:12 p.m. ET Aug. 6, 2020 | Updated 12:09 a.m. ET Aug. 7, 2020


A large police presence was blocking off the intersection of Rivervale Road and Piermont Avenue Thursday night where a car was in the water in River Vale.


A man was found dead in a car in the Hackensack River on Thursday afternoon and later identified as a 49-year-old missing person from Hillsdale, River Vale Police said.

The car, a mid-size SUV, had gone down a steep drop-off on Rivervale Road in River Vale near Piermont Avenue. The SUV was partially submerged in the Hackensack River. Officers entered the river and found the man, the sole occupant of the vehicle, dead. The incident is under investigation as a single car accident, River Vale Police said Thursday night.

River Vale had received a call for assistance from Hillsdale Police Department at 4 p.m. regarding a reported missing person from Hillsdale who was believed to be near the intersection of Rivervale and Piermont.

Bergen County Sheriff on the scene of an auto crash in River Vale on Thursday August 6, 2020.Buy Photo

Bergen County Sheriff on the scene of an auto crash in River Vale on Thursday August 6, 2020.

 (Photo: Anne-Marie Caruso/ - USA TODAY NETWORK)

"It seems like a tragic one-car accident," River Vale Chief Sean Scheidle said at the scene. "We're going to be awhile. The location makes it difficult to work. Recovering the vehicle is going to take some time."

Responding and assisting were: The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office BCI Unit, Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, Bergen County Medical Examiners Office, Old Tappan Police Department, Montvale Police Department, Park Ridge Police Department and Woodcliff Lake Police Department. Also assisting on scene were the River Vale Fire Department, the Hillsdale Fire Department, Harrington Park Fire Department, Old Tappan Fire Department, Oradell Fire Department, Mahwah Fire Department, Woodcliff Lake Fire Department and the Bergen County HazMat team

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Bergen County Sheriff on the scene of an auto crash in River Vale on Thursday August 6, 2020.

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Paterson Police and the Paterson Fire Department on the scene of a fire with reported hazardous materials involved on Illinois and Trenton avenues in Paterson, NJ that took place around 1:15 a.m. on Aug. 6, 2020. Multiple firefighters were transported to the hospital with unknown injuries.

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Friday's Headlines: 'Do Not Buy a Car' Edition - Streetsblog New York

Mayor de Blasio yesterday dismissed the notion that  carmageddon is coming to city streets, even as he wisely counseled New Yorkers not to buy a car to get around in plague-smacked Gotham.

“Tragically, a lot of people do not have a job to go to yet, and that will take a while to restore and a huge number of people are working from home,” he said during his daily press briefing, explaining why he wasn’t concerned about the coming congestion, which is being predicted by scores of experts. “So, I don’t think we’re going to see overwhelming numbers of folks on mass transit for those reasons. And I also don’t think you’re going to see overwhelming car traffic for those reasons.”

Even so, the mayor said, “my advice to New Yorkers is, do not buy a car. Cars are the past. The future is going to be mass transit, biking, walking, and there’s so many options right now.”

Hizzoner, who tools around town in a taxpayer-funded SUV, also declared, “I’m never going to own a car again. I can tell you that much,” prompting much ridicule on Twitter but also knuckle raps from Staten Island’s car-loving representatives and general incredulity.

Transportation Alternatives also lit into the mayor, saying that he is “not in a strong position to be offering this kind of advice” because of his many pro-car statements and lagging record on transforming streets. 

 The mayor also insisted again yesterday that the NYPD is removing barricades from the streets it stole around the city. The barricades, however, aren’t coming down fast enough for at least one business: an East Village coffee shop that went belly up owing to lack of foot traffic because of the Ninth Precinct’s fortifications (EV Grieve).

In other news:

Just like old times? A vandal smashed dozens of subway windows (Gothamist, NY Post) The city’s busway program, supposedly our salvation during COVID, is mired in delays (NY Post, Streetsblog) The Lexington Avenue subway (the city’s busiest) will close for three weeks — and we were given five days’ notice (NYDN) The MTA has accelerated some improvements during the pandemic (amNY). At least 900 officers have failed to comply with interviews at the Civilian Complaint Review Board, leading to a huge backlog (Gothamist). Big Dog Excelsior Car Guy will meet President Trump in New Jersey this weekend for talks about the Second Avenue Subway and LaGuardia AirTrain (NY Post). Speaking of the AirTrain, former federal transit man Larry Penner is down on it (Mass Transit Magazine). The city is exploring the purchase of the private companies that bus our school children (NYDN, NY Post) Don’t expect any more room for cyclists on the Brooklyn or Queensboro bridges anytime soon (THE CITY). Major improvements are coming to Amsterdam Avenue between 103rd and 104th as part of the open restaurants plan (Peter Frishauf via Twitter). We don’t endorse candidates but we do endorse cycling on a Sunday with “War on Cars” podcast host Doug Gordon, who’s joining City Council candidate Whitney Hu for a “Rideraiser” in Sunset Park. The two will talk about streets safety, transportation and the Industry City rezoning. Info here. (And of course we’ll do the same for any candidate who hosts a ride.) Damn you, Jake Offenhartz! Our grizzled editor was just asking the same question! But to himself!
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NJ Planned to Help People Buy Electric Cars With a $5,000 Rebate. Now, Not So Much - NJ Spotlight

Credit: (AP Photo/Richard Vogel, File)

File photo: Oct. 17, 2018, a hybrid car being charged. $16 million has been lopped from $30 million annual rebate fund for the purchase of such vehicles.

The state has cut $16 million from a much-touted new program designed to help motorists buy electric vehicles by offering rebates of up to $5,000 to cushion the cost of zero emission vehicles.

The program was a key component of a comprehensive law signed this past January to electrify New Jersey’s transportation sector, a goal considered crucial to achieving the state’s ambitious goals to significantly curb greenhouse-gas emissions here.

But with state revenues declining because of the coronavirus pandemic that has shut down large parts of the economy, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities had to approve a three-month extension of its clean-energy program. In doing so, it shifted funds and ended up reducing its funding for electric vehicle rebates by $16 million.

Under the law signed by Gov. Phil Murphy earlier this year, the state was supposed to allocate $30 million annually over the next decade for the rebate program, which is funded by a surcharge on customers’ electric and gas bills to pay for New Jersey’s clean-energy program.

While disappointed in the multimillion-dollar cut, electric vehicle advocates acknowledged that unusual circumstances had forced the BPU’s hand.

Not unexpected

“I don’t think it is unexpected. The state needs to tighten its budget,’’ said Jim Appleton, president of the New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers, a group that pushed hard for the rebate funding. “Under the current circumstances, I’d be hard-pressed to see how they could begin to draw down that money.’’

The rebates were viewed as essential to jump-starting the transition to zero emission vehicles in the light-duty vehicle market. The Murphy administration wants 330,000 electric vehicles (EVs) on the road by 2025; as of June, the state had more than 31,000 zero emission vehicles on the road.

The program is designed to provide rebates of up to $5,000 for vehicles under the price of $55,000 and provides $25 for each mile the car runs on electric power instead of gas, up to the $5,000 cap.

Pam Frank, CEO of ChargEVC, a not-for-profit coalition seeking to electrify the transportation sector, said she understands the state is facing a difficult time, but still found the cuts troubling.

‘’For one thing, it’s a lousy precedent,’’ Frank said. For the past decade, previous governors and legislatures often have used the clean-energy fund to plug holes whenever state fiscal crises arise, and the latest diversion continues that trend.

Diversions from the fund have surpassed $1 billion over the past couple of administrations, a practice lawmakers vowed to end in recent years, but have been slow to implement.

Where’s the transparency?

Frank said she is also concerned the state has been slow in providing transparency in how the new program is working. “Sharing data should not be a heavy lift,’’ she said, referring to how much consumers are buying into the rebate program.

That issue also is of concern to Appleton. He is not certain what the cuts in EV rebates will mean to the program’s impact on consumers buying cars, but added there could be far less zero emission vehicles available this fall because car manufacturers shut down during the outbreak of the pandemic.

In announcing the budget extension, the BPU focused on changes that will allocate more funds to areas that have been top priorities of its clean-energy program.

“By emphasizing investments that will advance renewable energy, increase energy efficiency, and create jobs, the programs in the budget will help New Jersey address the threat of climate change and the rise to the challenge of our economic recovery from COVID-19,’’ said Joseph Fiordaliso, president of the BPU in a press release.

The news release made no mention of the cuts in the EV rebate program, nor other reductions in clean-energy programs, including a much smaller cut in the community solar program.

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Mom of two gifted new car to help drive through pandemic hardship - WRDW

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Cars come in and out of Kendrick Paint and Body all day, but the shop changed more than just tires for one local health care worker.

“It’s like winning the lottery.”

Sandra Black works at University Hospital. She’s a single mother of two who unfortunately saw her hours get cut during the pandemic.

And to make matters worse, she and her son share a car, so it's been tough to figure out how to get around sometimes.

“I’ve been borrowing my son’s car, and he’s been ready to start back to school, so it’s been a little bit of a burden thinking about having to buy another car,” Black explained.

But now, that burden has been lifted, thanks to Kendrick Pain and Body in Augusta.

The shop started giving away cars years ago to families in need. It's been a while since they have given a car away, but staff thought now was a great time to bring it back.

“One of the things that meant most for us was making sure they were either a front line worker--police, fire department, ambulance driver--or a healthcare worker on the front lines,” Stephen Kendrick, jr., owner of Kendrick Paint and Body, said.

They posted on Facebook, looking for someone with a story like Sandra's. And she had no idea she was nominated.

“When she called me back the second time, I was like, ‘Me? Me? You’re calling me? Sandra Black?”

Black says she's always been blessed with a good family but has never been lucky -- until now.

“We’re living in scary times, hard times, with everything that’s going on, and just to have this little bit of happiness come into my life right now, it’s just like wow,” Black said. “What you really need to do is you need to show up at my house in like two hours and see me still sitting in it and saying, Oh my God, this is my car. Oh my God, this is my car.‘”

Copyright 2020 WRDW/WAGT. All rights reserved.

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