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Rhode Island Expands Car Stops From New York to All States - Bloomberg



Members of the military police set up cones at a checkpoint at the first rest stop after leaving Connecticut on I-95 on March 29.

Photographer: Scott Eisen/Getty Images

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Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo repealed an order for the police to stop only cars crossing the border with license plates from New York, the epicenter of the nation’s coronavirus outbreak.

She did so after an outcry from civil rights groups and a threat of legal action from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Rhode Island Police to Hunt Down New Yorkers Seeking Refuge

Instead, she’ll require all cars, regardless of origin, entering from the state’s southern border from Connecticut and three key highway locations to pull over. There, all visitors will be told they need to self-quarantine for 14 days -- a reflection of the divide and fear around the nation over the virus’s rapid spread.

The National Guard is also checking for out-of-state travelers at bus and train stations and at T.F. Green International Airport.

Colonel James Manni, Rhode Island State Police superintendent, said he was confident that the new system of monitoring stations doesn’t violate anyone’s rights.

Cuomo had

threatened to sue Rhode Island after state troopers began stopping cars on Friday, and then on Saturday, with the National Guard, went to summer houses believed to be owned by New Yorkers.

Texas, meantime, said it would stop all cars from Louisiana, which has reported some 3,500 coronavirus cases, and demand that traveler obey 14 days of self quarantine. The order doesn’t apply to commercial, military or emergency responder traffic.

“Our neighbors in Louisiana have a massive amount of Covid-19, not just in New Orleans, but spreading out into Louisiana,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott told reporters Sunday.

At Texas airports, people from a larger number of states with outbreaks will be stopped and also ordered to self-quarantine.

Cuomo said he spoke with Raimondo and was pleased she rescinded the order.

“I don’t think the order was called for,” he told reporters in Albany on Sunday. “I don’t believe it was legal. I don’t believe it was neighborly.”

“I thank her very much for reconsidering,” he said.

Shielding Rhode Island

Raimondo rejected the idea that fellow-Democrat Cuomo had pressured her to rescind the New York-specific order.

“I did talk to the governor of New York yesterday,” she said at a Statehouse briefing. “It was after I had already taken my action, and we chatted about it.”

“If he feels it’s important for him to take credit, go ahead,” she said. “I’m going to keep working here to keep Rhode Islanders safe.”

Raimondo had defended her order as necessary to protect the lives of citizens of Rhode Island, where many New Yorkers have summer homes. She said she was concerned with “outcomes, not optics,” given the scale of the outbreak in New York and its proximity to Rhode Island.

On Sunday, Raimondo announced Rhode Island’s third Covid-19 death and 55 new cases since Saturday, bringing total cases in the state to 294. That includes 35 people in the hospital.

“That’s a big jump,” she said. “We’re starting to go up the curve at a pretty fast clip. It’s certainly going to get worse before it gets better.”

In his briefing Sunday, Cuomo said that total coronavirus cases in New York had risen to 59,513, with 965 deaths.

— With assistance by Ian Fisher, Katrina Lewis, and Laurel Brubaker Calkins

(Augmented stopping areas for Rhode Island in 3d paragraph, added Texas from 7th paragraph)

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Dog hit by car needs leg amputation; Paws 4 the Cause collecting donations - ABC 36 News - WTVQ

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Photo Courtesy: Paws 4 the Cause

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Paws 4 the Cause is raising money for a dog who was hit by a car and had to have it’s leg amputated.

It says Thursday night a good samaritan found the dog on the side of the road in Johnson County with a piece of taken out of its leg.

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By Friday morning infection had set in and the dog’s leg had to be amputated.

Paws 4 the cause says the dog is resting now and doing okay.

It’s hoping to raise about a thousand dollars to help with the cost of the surgery.

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WTVQ Admin

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Dark Red Ferrari Monza SP2 Is Drop-Dead Gorgeous - CarScoops

The Ferrari Monza SP2 is one of the most beautiful cars launched in recent memory and this clip provides us with a very in-depth look at its design while it’s outfitted with a custom clear bra from Topaz Detailing in the UK.

Although we aren’t offered all that many details about the Monza SP2 in question, it truly is a sight to behold, thanks largely to the gorgeous dark red paint scheme. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay owns a particularly stunning Monza SP1 painted black with red accents but we think this example looks even better. After all, it’s not very often that you see a Ferrari painted in such a shade of red.

Making this specific example all the more special is the silver stripe running horizontally across the massive bonnet, the silver wheels, and a plethora of carbon fiber parts.

Also Watch: Ferrari On Ice – Daring Monza SP2 Owner Snow Drifts $2 Million Speedster

Most of this video is focused on the process of applying paint protection film to the valuable supercar. While that may not sound very interesting, it’s actually a joy to watch, as if watching a famous artist create a sculpture. All exterior parts were covered in the protection film, including delicate parts of the interior such as the prominent carbon fiber beam separating the two seats.

Like its sibling the Monza SP1, the SP2 is driven by a naturally-aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine with 799 hp and 530 lb-ft (719 Nm) of torque. The car can hit 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 2.9 seconds and exceed 186 mph (300 km/h). While we like to see supercars like these driven, we wouldn’t blame the owner of this example for keeping it locked away in a garage purely as a piece of art.


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Drone Delivery By Geely: Selling Cars In The Age Of COVID-19 - CleanTechnica

Geely Drone Delivery - selling cars during COVID-19

March 29th, 2020 by  

You’ve really got to feel for the carmakers of the world right. I mean, you’ve got to feel for everyone right now, but I’m a car guy and I needed an introduction to a story about how hard it is to actually sell a new car or motorcycle in the age of COVID-19 during the Coronapocalypse. Part of what makes it difficult, beyond the economic uncertainty, is the actual act of getting to the dealer and — Gasp! — shaking hands with the salespeople. Luckily, Geely has figured out a solution: drone delivery.

Geely Drone Delivery - selling cars during COVID-19

Image by Geely

If you’re not familiar with Geely, you’re certainly familiar with some of the companies it owns, namely Volvo and Lotus Cars, each EV and tech pioneers in their own right. The Geely Bo Rui GE PHEV (pronounced “Bow Ray”), for example, is built using the same CMA architecture found in the award-winning Volvo XC40, and it is slick. You can learn more about the Bo Rui by clicking here, but that’s not what this post is about. What this post is about is Geely’s brilliant combination of online configuration, ordering, purchasing, and– finally!– the drone delivery of your new Geely’s keys.

The whole process is incredibly polished, and could set the standard by which direct-to-consumer sales start to happen globally. That’s especially significant these days, too, now that the laws surrounding dealerships and franchises continue to get challenged by upstart EV makers. Heck, even the keys themselves are next-level — take a look for yourself!

Geely Bo Rui GE SmartKey

Geely Bo Rui GE SmartKey

Image by Geely

It’s worth noting, too, that Geely’s drone delivery thing — while definitely a timely gimmick — isn’t an isolated thing. The Geely ICON (shown in the image, above) is said to be China’s first mass-produced vehicle equipped an anti-bacterial cabin filter. Think of Tesla’s Bioweapon Defense Mode, and you’ll get the idea. In addition to that, Geelys purchased online “are thoroughly disinfected by the dealership including through ionization prior to delivery in order to ensure customers enjoy a safe and healthy purchase experience.”

Geely’s other companies appear to be following suit, too, if emails I’ve received announcing similar “disinfecting” steps being taken at two Chicago-area Volvo dealerships (Volvo Oak Park and Patrick Volvo) are any indication.

What do you guys think? Would you buy a car totally online and have your documents and keys sent over by drone delivery, or would you prefer to interact with a human being at a car dealership and, maybe, negotiate yourself a better deal than you might be able to get online? Check out Geely’s official press release and video, below, then let us know what you think in the comments.

Geely Auto Goes Full Contactless with New Car Keys Being Delivered by Drone


Hangzhou, China — Geely Auto launched its own proprietary online sales system that offered consumers the complete one stop solution for ordering online that included the modification of vehicle specifications, online financing and insurance as well as giving the option of establishing a home delivery in a contactless solution.

Geely Auto has also improved upon its contactless home delivery system which looks to directly deliver new vehicles to consumers’ homes or place of work rather than collecting from dealerships. The new system will now use drones in select locations to pass new car keys to consumers by delivering directly to their door or balcony, furthering the distance between staff and consumer and creating a truly contactless process.

Since the platform was launched in February, just over 10,000 consumers have ordered and paid for vehicles on Geely’s online mall with a further 110,000 users registering their interest to buy a Geely vehicle in the short term. All confirmed orders and confirmed leads are a sent to local dealers who process orders and begin the home delivery process.

All Geely Auto vehicles are thoroughly disinfected by the dealership including through ionization prior to delivery in order to ensure customers enjoy a safe and healthy purchase experience. As part of Geely’s commitment to developing healthy cars, Geely Auto has set aside a 370 million RMB fund that will focus on the development of cleaner, healthier vehicles providing clean cabin air and using materials that are antimicrobial in nature. The first mass produced vehicle equipped with anti-bacterial filters, the Geely ICON (shown), that was launched in late February 2020.

Victor Yang, Vice President of Geely Auto Sales Company commented: “Geely Auto’s constant change to market requirements and consumer concerns is the driving force behind Geely’s continued success in the Chinese market.”

Source | Images: Geely Global Media

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Menifee County motorcyclist dies in car crash - ABC 36 News - WTVQ

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Motorcycle, Crash, Accident Courtesy: MGN Online

MENIFEE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – State Police responded Saturday night to a deadly crash in Menifee county.

Troopers say a juvenile was driving down route 36 and was trying to turn left into Daves Minute Mart when he collided with 56-year-old Billy Mcdonald on his motorcycle.

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Mcdonald died on scene, according to the coroner.

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WTVQ Admin

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