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Man shot while chasing after car thieves in Miami Gardens shares ordeal - WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports | Fort Lauderdale

MIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida family man is sharing his story days after, he said, he was shot while chasing after the thieves who stole his car.

The 24-four-year-old victim, who asked not to be identified, remains at the hospital after, he said, he was shot three times on Sunday.

Photographs taken from his hospital room shows the patient with tubes attached to his lungs and more than 20 staples across his body.

“I just want to take care of my family,” he said. “Me, saving up, supporting my mother.”

The victim said he left his car running just before he was going to buy some food for his father.

Moments later, he saw his vehicle being driven off.

“I just went back into the house,” he said.

He said he called 911 and jumped into a family member’s car to follow the thieves while he spoke to police dispatchers on the phone.

“I told them, ‘Hey, my car just got stolen,'” he said.

The victim said he let dispatchers know his current position.

“But I told them I was keeping my distance,” he said.

Within a mile from Carol City High School, along Miami Gardens Drive, the patient said he realized he, too, had someone on his tail.

“I told them, ‘Hey, listen, I’m being followed,'” he said.

Dispatchers told him to stop following the crooks, but it was too late.

“They speeded up, and that’s when they started shooting,” he said.

The victim said he had nowhere to go.

“Bullets came in through the back. Driver’s seat was struck, probably twice,” he said.

Cellphone video taken in the immediate aftermath showed bullet holes in the driver’s seat and the car’s interior soaked with blood.

“At this moment I’m thinking, ‘I could be losing my life in the next moment,’ but something gave me strength,” said the victim.

He said he then drove to the Shell station near Northwest 183rd Street and 42nd Avenue, where he got help from a good Samaritan.

Tyrone Simon, a cook at La Mia Pizza and Wings, a restaurant located at the gas station, described how he rendered aid to the victim.

“I just jumped into action … I told the man, ‘Grab my hand if you need to. Don’t go to sleep,'” he said. “I put the pressure on the wound until the police got there.”

Minutes later, rescue crews responded and airlifted the victim to the hospital, where he was immediately rushed into surgery.

Police said the subjects, at least two in total, got away. However, the stolen car has since been recovered.

As he continues to recover, the patient, who works in Miami Beach, said he looks forward to again supporting his loved ones.

“My daughter, she’s 1, about to be 2 in February,” he said. “I support them as much as I can. In this moment that I’m in, this is not helping them at all.”

Despite dealing with pain from his injuries, the victim continues to work from his hospital bed.

If you have any information on this shooting or the thieves’ whereabouts, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward.

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Eddie Johnson drinking before found asleep in car: Chicago mayor - Chicago Tribune

Eddie Johnson drinking before found asleep in car: Chicago mayor  Chicago Tribune
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Car crashes deep into house in Paterson; driver charged with assaulting fireman -

, North Jersey Record Published 6:20 p.m. ET Oct. 18, 2019 | Updated 1:33 a.m. ET Oct. 19, 2019


A car crashed deep into a house on the corner of Burlington and Totowa avenues on Friday, causing extensive damage. Joshua Jongsma, Staff Writer, @jongsmjo


PATERSON — A driver plowed his car deep into a home on Burlington and Totowa avenues Friday and was arrested when he assaulted the fireman who tried to help him, police said.

No one was injured when the black car crashed at about 5:30 p.m., but four people were inside. The car could be seen deep into the house, which suffered extensive damage.

Justin Hart, 26, lives at the house and was home when the car struck. 

"I was in the bathroom about to take a shower and I just hear a huge crash, boom," Hart said. "Next thing you know my wife ran downstairs and told me to get out the bathroom. I ran upstairs and I see a car in the middle of my living room. Everything is completely destroyed in that part of the house." 

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The family has lived there for two years.

"I saw this happen on TV, I just never though it would happen where I live," Hart said.

The driver was charged with aggravated assault on a firefighter and authorities are investigating a possible driving under the influence charge, Paterson Police Director Jerry Speziale said. 

The glass on the car's windows was shattered and the front was severely damaged. One of the street signs ended up on the front lawn of the house. 

The slope of the lawn launched the vehicle up higher into the house when the driver lost control, Speziale said. 

“I’ve never seen anything like that,” said one neighbor on the scene.

When the fireman tried to guide the driver to safety, the man became combative and started swinging punches at him, Speziale said. The firefighter was hit on his right eyebrow but is OK and in good spirits, the police director said.

"He did a phenomenal job," Speziale said, "and here’s a guy who’s trying to save someone from getting hurt and you end up having somebody become combative and hurting you." 

Joshua Jongsma is a breaking news reporter for For unlimited access to all the major news happening in North Jersey, subscribe here. To get breaking news directly to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Stow police release video showing moment officer hit by car while directing traffic at scene of crash - WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland

Please enable Javascript to watch this video

STOW, Ohio -- Stow police released footage from the body camera worn by Officer Barry Smith showing the moment he was hit by a car while helping direct traffic at the scene of a crash early Wednesday.

Smith, who is a school resource officer at Stow High School, was on his way to work when he came to the scene of the two vehicle crash at the busy intersection of Graham and Fishcreek roads.

"There were two cars that had collided they were blocking the roadway, so he and another officer were on the scene helping direct traffic around that area because you have kids and teachers and so forth heading to the school, going to work, it's a very busy intersection," said Stow Police Lt. Ken Mifflin.

Smith was telling another officer to allow traffic to continue through the intersection from his direction when his body camera shows him flying through the air and landing on the rainy pavement.

"He got hit in the lower extremities and the impact caused him to fly up over the car, hit the windshield and fall to the ground," said Mifflin.

Police said the 16-year-old was driving through the intersection around a flatbed tow truck when he apparently did not see Officer Smith in the intersection, even though Smith was wearing a reflective vest.

"At that hour of the morning at 7:16, it was still dark even though it's a well lit intersection and you have all the other emergency vehicles with their lights going on. You want the public to see you so accidents like this don't happen," said Mifflin.

The driver did stop at the scene and has been cited for making an improper turn.

Officer Smith suffered a broken leg and was taken to a local hospital.

Stow police said he will need surgery to repair the injury to his leg and may not be back on the job for several months or longer.

He is the second Stow officer injured this year while trying to help re-direct traffic.

Police said it helps enforce the need for all drivers to be completely alert when behind the wheel, particularly at a chaotic scene where officers and first responders are doing their job.

"We are definitely counting our blessings that the injuries to Officer Smith will hopefully still allow him to come back to do the job that he loves to do, but yes, we know that it probably could have been worse and we are very thankful that it wasn't," said Mifflin.

41.159501 -81.440390

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Finally, An Electric Crate Motor You Can Drop Into Your Old Car - Jalopnik

The idea of converting classic cars to EVs has been around a while, and a number of companies, including some major automakers, have been retrofitting old, classic cars with all-new EV drivetrains. Individual tinkerers have been doing this as well, but it’s not as easy as you’d hope. Dealing with salvaged EV drivetrains is difficult, with complex control and cooling systems. Now it finally looks like there’s going to be an easier way, as Swindon Powertrain is planning on introducing an all-in-one compact EV crate motor next year.


The exciting thing about the motor, which they call their High Power Density EV powertrain, is that it’s remarkably compact and powerful for its size. To give an idea of how small it is, it’s essentially the same drivetrain used in their EV-converted classic Mini, so if it fits under a Mini’s hood, it should fit almost anywhere.

More specifically, the drivetrain measures 23.6 inches wide, 17.3 inches deep, and only 11.02 inches tall. We’re talking about a box that’s two feet by a foot and a half by a foot here. That’s pretty damn tiny.

It weighs only around 154 pounds and makes around 110 horsepower—a pretty decent number considering how compact this thing is, and that includes everything: motor, single-speed transmission, cooling system, and power inverter.


The drivetrain includes multiple mounting points and it’s designed to be flexible enough to be mounted by either axle of the car, front or rear.

A drawing on Swindon’s website shows it mounted in the front of a van or a classic Mini, or at the rear of a Caterham Seven.

I haven’t found details about what sorts of battery packs it’s designed to work with, but ideally, it’ll be able to be adapted to work with battery packs from Leafs or Bolts or Teslas or whatever you can find in your local junkyards.

It’s expected to be available around June of 2020, and as of yet, no pricing has been announced.

It’s a very exciting idea, the promise of a drop-in ICE replacement, helping to keep classic cars on the road. I’ll admit I like this idea as a way to get my old Scimitar back on the road, and if I stuck one in my Beetle, I’d come close to almost doubling my horsepower.

I suspect you could use two in one car for all-wheel drive and more power, though Swindon doesn’t show that example specifically. I wonder if you could rotate it sideways and have it driving a driveshaft to a differential, using one of the axle output shafts?

This is potentially very good news for hobbyists and small manufacturers. A true, drop-in EV crate motor that just works has been desired for a while, so it’s nice to see this finally happening.

(Thanks to Evan W for showing me this!)

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