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California Woman Who Live-Streamed Car Crash That Killed Sister Is Arrested Again -

A California woman who drove drunk while live-streaming a car crash that ended up killing her younger sister was arrested again early Thursday after allegedly leading police on a chase.

Police say officers spotted Obdulia Sanchez, 20, driving with an expired registration tag around 1:30 a.m. and attempted to pull her over.

“When they turned on the lights and sirens to pull her over she kept driving,” Stockton Police Department officer Joe Silva tells PEOPLE. “She drove through stop signs and a red traffic signal light.”

Silva says Sanchez, who was driving on a revoked license, lost control of the Buick LaCrosse about a mile and a half away as she attempted to turn onto Interstate 5. “She wasn’t able to turn properly and she crashed into the embankment on the side of the freeway,” he says.

A male passenger fled the scene, he says.

Police recovered a loaded unregistered .45 caliber pistol from the glove compartment.

“We need to figure out whose gun is inside the car and why he ran,” Silva says. “We don’t know what her or her passenger were doing and we don’t know what their intentions were, especially with a loaded firearm in the car.”

Silva says the department plans to test the firearm to see if it has been used in any shootings in the Stockton area.

Sanchez is facing numerous charges including evading police, violating her parole and possible weapons and traffic-related charges.

In Feb. 2018, Sanchez was sentenced to six years and four months in prison for gross vehicular manslaughter, DUI and child endangerment for the crash that killed her 14-year-old sister Jacqueline Sanchez and injured 15-year-old Manuela Seja in July 2017, according to The Merced Sun Star.

“I feel like such an idiot. Why did God choose me to be the older sister? I can’t even do my job right,” Obdulia said in an emotional statement in Merced County Superior Court.

“I had so much potential, but I threw it all away because I wanted to look cool and drive carelessly,” she added.

“When I look at my mom’s face, I know she hates me. I would hate myself too. I’m such a disappointment to my parents.”

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In the 2017 incident, Sanchez was driving on the highway in Los Banos, California, about an hour northwest of Fresno, when she lost control of the car, and blew through a barbed wire fence into a field and flipped over, ejecting her two passengers, who weren’t wearing seatbelts, authorities said.

Sanchez was streaming live video of herself to social media before the crash and then apparently resumed filming soon after, according to footage that was posted online.

In the footage, Obdulia was shown next to her sister’s bloodied body, yelling into the camera, “I f—— killed my sister, okay. I know I’m going to jail for life, alright? I understand that. This is the last thing I wanted to happen.”

Seja, the other passenger, suffered trauma to her leg in the wreck.

A California Highway Patrol report obtained by PEOPLE at the time stated that “alcohol is believed to be a factor in this collision.”

Sanchez was released from prison on Sept. 21 after serving 26 months. She earned credit for time served while awaiting her sentence and for completing rehabilitative programs in prison.

“It is concerning that she was just released from prison for an incident that involved her sister,” Silva says. “She is currently on parole and obviously hasn’t learned her lesson because she was engaged in some pretty dangerous criminal activity in our city. Anytime you lead an officer on a pursuit with a firearm it turns into high risk for our officers and other people driving on the road.”

Sanchez is being held in county jail with no bail. She is scheduled to be arraigned Oct. 21. It is unclear if she has retained an attorney.

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LA should make these 7 streets car-free - Curbed LA

San Francisco is banning cars from Market Street, one of the city’s busiest corridors. This should be interpreted as a direct challenge to Los Angeles: Now LA can beat the Bay by closing a major street to cars—before SF’s ban goes into effect in 2025.

Restricting the driving and parking of private cars on a busy thoroughfare doesn’t have to mean designing gated-off pedestrian malls like Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade. Transit, taxis, and people with disabilities who use vehicles would still have access to the street, and there would be more space to walk, safer bike and scooter infrastructure, and dedicated lanes for buses.

These types of multimodal streets actually move more people per hour than comparable streets that are just for cars. Think of it as opening up LA’s streets, not closing them down.

Would it work? It has in New York City, where private cars were banned from 14th Street earlier this month (it took about three years to plan). Not only did bus ridership increase by 15 percent, no delays or additional traffic have been reported on nearby routes. The result is a quieter, calmer, faster journey for everyone—just look at all the people using the street.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti just returned from Copenhagen, where he was elected chair of the C40 organization, a global group of 100 mayors who have pledged to dramatically reduce emissions in their cities. Many of these mayors have already removed cars from major streets in an effort to achieve their climate goals.

In April, as part of the city’s Green New Deal, the mayor proposed that 50 percent of all LA trips be made by walking, biking, and transit by 2035. That means at least half of the city’s streets must be optimized for those modes within the next 15 years.

Why not get started by bringing these streets to life now—and show the world that this is what climate leadership looks like?

Hollywood Boulevard

Let’s start with the most obvious one. It’s a tourism magnet. It’s already closed to private vehicles a lot of the time for special events. During the month when the Oscars are held, it’s closed more than it’s open. Plus, a car-free Walk of Fame has got momentum: After Hollywood Boulevard hosted CicLAvia last summer, the remarkable photos of thousands of people taking over the street made the case for kicking out cars for good.

Alvarado Street

The corridor that skirts MacArthur Park is so pedestrian-centric already that it’s home to three scramble crosswalks. This is also one of the most transit-dependent neighborhoods in the city: You’ve got a busy Red Line station, and lots of buses that get stuck in traffic. Plus, the sidewalks here are filled with street vendors: closing the street to cars would create a larger, more permanent place for everyone to sell—and enjoy—their goods.

People wait in line while standing in front of a large white contemporary building with holes cut into it in a diagonal pattern.The Broad is one of a dozen popular destinations on Grand Avenue.Shutterstock

Grand Avenue

Spend any time waiting in line for the Broad, and you’ll quickly realize that the sidewalks are simply too small for this buzzing corridor. Home to dozen major cultural destinations with more big developments on the way, Grand is also a major bus thoroughfare, and, with the opening of the regional connector, this will be one of the most transit-accessible spots in the entire county. Plus there’s basically another street for cars right below it.


In recent years, Broadway’s traffic lanes have already been slimmed down to accommodate additional seating plazas as part of the Bringing Back Broadway plan. Now, with more of the street’s historic theaters being transformed into retail and entertainment destinations, it’s crucial to provide a pleasant place where the public can take it all in. Plus, you’ve got a pedestrian arcade that serves as a cut-through to lively Spring Street. And when the streetcar comes—if it ever comes—the street will be ready for it.

Santa Monica Boulevard

Like Hollywood Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard through West Hollywood is frequently closed for festivals like Pride and the Halloween Carnival. This is a place where lot of people are already walking, with dozens of buses lines, great bike lanes, and a grassy median—a former streetcar right-of-way!—that’s just begging to be enjoyed. Extend the median out into LA proper, and turn this street into a long, linear park.

People wearing Halloween costumes, including astronauts and a dinosaur, walk through a closed street at sunset.Opening streets like Santa Monica Boulevard to people all the time means more space for fun.Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Sunset Boulevard

Here’s another popular tourist destination with subpar sidewalks and a lot of people on foot after dark. As the Strip undergoes dramatic changes that will add more housing, this is a smart time to speed up transit options. No rail serves the area (yet) but the 2 and 302 buses often get bogged down in traffic through this stretch. The addition of some electric shuttles could easily help shuttle visitors from the Chateau to the Whiskey a Go Go.

Wilshire Boulevard

As the Purple Line starts opening stations along Wilshire, the number of people on foot and bike using this street will likely skyrocket. Consider Fairfax, where thousands of museum-goers will need to cross Wilshire to visit the revamped LACMA and La Brea Tar Pits complex every day. There’s already a dedicated bus lane here on Wilshire. Let’s add a bike freeway, too, and create LA’s first complete, protected crosstown route. It’s time to let people—and the 720 bus—rule Wilshire, from the skyscrapers to the sea.

Disclosure: The author of this story was the 2019 recipient of the Spirt of CicLAvia award.

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Car plunges into Hudson River near Verplanck, woman's body pulled from water - Lohud

, Rockland/Westchester Journal News Published 1:48 p.m. ET Oct. 18, 2019 | Updated 4:56 p.m. ET Oct. 18, 2019


One woman died after the car she was driving plunged into the Hudson River in Verplanck Friday. Police said nobody else was in the vehicle. Seth Harrison/lohud, The Journal News/lohud


CORTLANDT - First responders pulled a woman in her 30s from the Hudson River in Verplanck today.

Around 12:45 p.m., police and fire departments rushed to Riverview Avenue after getting reports that a car plunged into the water.

Yorktown Heights Fire Department divers are searching for a car that disappeared into the Hudson River in Verplank on Oct. 18, 2019.Buy Photo

Yorktown Heights Fire Department divers are searching for a car that disappeared into the Hudson River in Verplank on Oct. 18, 2019.

 (Photo: Seth Harrison/The Journal News)

The woman was the only person in the car, Westchester County police said.

The car was found submerged under about 10 feet of water, and the driver was the only person in the car, county police said.

The Journal News/ reporter Christopher J. Eberhart contributed to this report. 

Twitter: @MattSpillane


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Cyclist, scooter rider killed in separate car crashes in Queens - New York Post

This city’s alarming cyclist death toll in 2019 grew to 25 when a woman biking in the Rockaways succumbed to injuries suffered in a September crash, police said Friday.

The tragic toll is up from 10 in 2018, with more than two months remaining in the year.

Ada Martinez, 66, fell off her bike around 8 p.m. on Sept. 27 while attempting to avoid contact with a 2012 Ford E-250 van as she turned left from Rockaway Freeway onto Beach 94th Street, police said.

But she fell directly into the line of the van driver, who did not stop. She was rushed to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center with severe head and body trauma. She died Oct. 12.

In a statement Friday, bike advocates blasted the city for the absence of safe bike lanes on the street.

“As its name would suggest, Rockaway Freeway is designed to move cars quickly, not to safely accommodate people on bikes and on foot,” said Transportation Alternatives spokesman Joe Cutrufo.

“Anyone traveling outside of a car here is at risk due to speeding drivers and poor visibility.”

In a separate Rockaways incident just before midnight on Oct. 12, a hit-and-run drunk driver struck and killed 19-year-old Eternity Stevens while she and a second woman rode a Kuba Tail G moped on Rockaway Boulevard near Guy R. Brewer Boulevard.

Both women were taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, Stevens with head trauma and her passenger with trauma to the head and hip, cops said.

The driver of the car, whom cops have identified as Charles Fleming, 55, sped away, only to be arrested less than an hour later by Nassau County police on a DWI rap.

He was charged with vehicular assault, leaving the scene of an accident and driving while intoxicated. Stevens succumbed to her injuries Tuesday.

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Are your car bumper stickers giving away too much information? Local authorities weigh in - Live 5 News WCSC

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - Bumper stickers on cars have long been a popular way to personalize your ride and express yourself, but could they be putting you and your family at risk?

The North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety wants to warn people to think twice about what you share on your car windows because some bumper stickers can reveal more about your life than you may realize.

Lance Cpl. Amy Vicks with North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety says some stickers can lead criminals on a chase.

According to Vicks, criminals can use your stickers to tell everything from where your child goes to school, to where you live and even when you won’t be home. For example, say you’re a proud parent who just wants to tell the world your daughter is a soccer star. With that, you’re also telling the bad guys your child’s gender and where they go to school.

Even military bumper stickers can let crooks know someone might be serving overseas in your household. If you have a pro-gun sticker on your car, it might show criminals you have guns in your car or home, making you a target. Vicks says it’s something everyone should keep in mind, especially younger teens who may want to personalize their first car.

"Young teenage girls or teenagers, they want a personalized plate because it’s cool. They want something that’s kind of cool, so if they put like their name on there or their initials on there, somebody that might be interested in them or interested in following them around, they can say ‘Hey Amy, guess what? I know you from someplace.' They’ll play into it and it starts to get personal information out there,” said Vicks.

Officials say it might be safer to keep it at home and stick it on your fridge instead. Vicks calls it a game of common sense, staying one step ahead of the criminal and limiting what they can use to hurt you.

Vicks says this doesn't mean you have to get rid of your bumper stickers all together, but just be cautious of the ones you select and just how much information you're giving away about your personal life. She also says if you do choose a bumper sticker for your car, try to keep it as generic as possible.

With the holiday season approaching, the North Myrtle Beach Department of Public Safety wants everyone to keep these things in mind when it comes to putting your personal information out there.

The department also offers residents free home security surveys to make your home is safer so criminals don’t have the upper hand.

Copyright 2019 WMBF. All rights reserved.

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