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Tesla Seems Set To Add Radar Back to Cars That Lost It - Kelley Blue Book

Tesla Seems Set To Add Radar Back to Cars That Lost It  Kelley Blue Book
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50 Cars Were Found In His Barn... Here's What Larry Schroll Was Hiding - HotCars

Larry Schroll was an avid car collector who spent much of his life amassing valuable muscle cars – all of which he stored in a barn. Now, imagine being the first person to stumble upon this gem of a collection after his passing, finding dozens of collectible cars that he hid away for decades. Plus, Schroll wasn't one of those unfortunate people who had a million-dollar car collection and lost it. He kept his prized asset in immaculate condition.

Updated December 2022: Larry Schroll’s car collection is a sight to behold, and we're glad Matt Murray could give us a glimpse into the massive collection. We’ve updated this article with a few new facts about YouTuber Matt Murray and some of the iconic classic and vintage cars in Schroll’s collection.

The vastness of the collection overwhelmed Schroll’s family, so they hired someone else to help split the collection. They placed Matt Murray in charge of helping auction off Schroll's 50 valuable cars and one-of-a-kind collectibles previously sitting inside a dusty barn. It's safe to say you can add these cars to the list of sick car collections.

Let's find out some more about these hidden gems Larry Schroll had been keeping a secret for decades.

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Matt Murray IronTap GarageIronTap Garage via YouTube

First, let's get to know Matt Murray, the YouTuber who is helping to auction the huge collection. He runs a channel called IronTap Garage, with over 139,000 subscribers who watch him do a series of restorations, repairs, and DIY projects.

When the family offered him a chance to come and see the vehicles, he, of course, took it. Schroll's vehicles were at two locations: a barn and a garage. Murray found rare vehicles in both locations, safe and protected from the elements. They looked brand new and had incredible bodywork.

Let's look at some of the cars Schroll had in his collection and go through the generations.

What Larry Schroll Was Hiding: 1923 Ford T Bucket

via YouTube

The T-Bucket is a hotrod based on the Ford Model T produced during the 1915-1927 era. The Ford Model T is generally thought of as the first affordable car, making travel available to middle-class citizens.

Most T-Bucket replicas use replica fiberglass bodies, with Ford purely building most for street or show use. Schroll added a 1923 Ford T Bucket to his vast collection, showing his affinity for vintage, classic cars.

What Larry Schroll Was Hiding: 1930 Ford Model A Coupe

via Bring A Trailer

The Ford Model A was Ford's second market success after the first Model T. First produced in 1927, it replaced the Model T, which had been in production for 18 years.

The Model A came in a wide variety of styles, including a coupe, business coupe, sports coupe, roadster coupe, convertible sedan, convertible Cabriolet, and many more. Schroll’s collection contained the regular Coupe version, complete with an L-head inline-four engine, 103.5-inch wheelbase, three-speed sliding gear manual transmission, and stainless steel radiator cowling.

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What Larry Schroll Was Hiding: 1948 Chevrolet Sedan

1948 Blue Chevrolet Fleetline Aerosedanvia: Bring A Trailer

The Chevrolet Fleetmaster is an automobile produced by Chevrolet for the 1946-1948 model years. The Fleetmaster came in 2-door and 4-door "fastback" body styles in the Fleetline series.

The 1948 Series 2100 FK Fleetmaster largely remained the same from the 1947 model year, except for gaining a radiator grille with a vertical center bar in the front of the vehicle.

What Larry Schroll Was Hiding: 1954 Chevrolet Corvette

via Bring A Trailer

Chevrolet painted this convertible in a rare sportsman-red color, making it pop and stand out in the dusty barn. In 1954, the company built only 3,640 units, and nearly a third were unsold at the end of the year.

Despite having numerous colors available, the six-cylinder engine and the Powerglide automatic were not what 'true' sports car enthusiasts had expected. The 1954 Corvette came in either Pennant Blue, Sportsman Red, or Black. However, all the models had a red interior.

Even though the sales of this model were lower compared to previous years, Schroll got his hands on one of the rare Sportsman Red model units, with an inspection sticker that reads '1968'.

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What Larry Schroll Was Hiding: 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

via Bring A Trailer

The 1965 Ford Mustang was among the first-generation Mustangs manufactured between 1964-1973. The introduction of this vehicle created a new class of cars, called the pony car, an affordable and highly-styled coupe with a sporty appearance.

Ford changed the engine, including a 200 cu in engine that produced 120 horsepower. In addition, they replaced the DC electrical generator with a new AC Alternator. Schroll's '65 Mustang remained preserved with nearly every factory option, including power steering, air conditioning, and disc brakes.

What Larry Schroll Was Hiding: 1979 Ford Ranchero GT

1979 Ford Ranchero GT Car Cum Pickup In OrangeVia: Mecum

The Ford Ranchero is a pickup/coupe produced by Ford between 1957-1979. Unlike a standard pickup, Ford designers modeled the Ranchero after a two-door station wagon platform.

Schroll’s collection contained a seventh-generation Ranchero, indicative of when Ford restyled the body in line with the Ford LTD II mid-sized car line. Production ended in 1979, with a commemorative 1979 1/2 model being the last.

Going through the generations, these are just a few of the 50+ cars found in Schroll's garage and barn, hidden away for decades. We have this avid car collector to thank for this stunning collection, bringing these old collectibles back to life and into our lives today.

Sources: IronTap Garage (YouTube), Ford, General Motors

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QOTD: Car Buying Programs? - TheTruthAboutCars

QOTD: Car Buying Programs?  TheTruthAboutCars
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Best A Tier Cars in Need for Speed Unbound - GameRant

Need for Speed Unbound has no shortage of amazing rides. Criterion really dug deep to not only assemble a wide selection of awesome vehicles but also to make each car a good choice in its own right. Almost every car is competitive. Some have excellent versatility, while others are specialized well for specific types of races. Need for Speed Unbound also gives players a robust set of tools for tuning each car’s handling so they can really get the most out of them.

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Below is a guide to the best cars in the A-tier class, some recommended upgrades for them, and tuning suggestions. Keep in mind that these cars may be the best, but simply using them doesn’t guarantee victory. A skilled opponent with a well-tuned car can beat them. Every race type is different, and not every car will have an edge in all races.

BMW i8 Roadster 2018

BMW i8 Roadster Class: A (201) Price: $138,500
Top Speed 0 - 60 time 1/4 mile time Handling Drivetrain
172 4.0 12.8 40% Grip AWD

The Roadster feels overpowered, to say the least. It has incredible acceleration and the grip to put it to good use. It’s an excellent choice for the A-tier qualifier car. It can escape the cops, it wins races, and it’s as good as an A-tier car could be at Freeroam Activities. It’s an all-around winner.

The Roadster particularly excels at Speed Races. It’s a good choice for Street and Endurance Races, too, since it’s versatile enough to handle whatever they throw at it. It isn’t particularly useful for Drift Challenges or Takeover events, where Drift cars tend to do better.

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Best Upgrades & Tuning for the BMW i8 Roadster

roadster in the garage

The Roadster starts with a good set of upgrades. It has a rating of 201, which leaves very little room to upgrade it. However, an elite clutch does wonder for improving its launch off the line. The following upgrades and tuning bring the Roadster up to 209 rating:

Upgrades Tuning
elite tires Elite Tires (generic): Achieves the best possible grip without affecting rating. bmw i8 roadster handling tuning
elite differential Elite Clutch: Shaves 0.2 seconds off the ¼ mile time.
elite suspension Elite Suspension (generic): Increases tuning range.
elite differential Elite Differential: Increases tuning range.
super damage increase Super Damage Increase Auxiliary: Increases damage caused to racers or cops.
super nitrous boost Super Nitrous Boost Auxiliary: Players should always pick an Auxiliary Nitrous Boost that fits their playstyle.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX 2007

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX 2007 Class: A (208) Price: $92,000
Top Speed 0 - 60 time 1/4 mile time Handling Drivetrain
169 3.9 12.2 20% Grip AWD

This Lancer excels at cornering quickly and boosting out of turns. With a perfect launch, it flies to the front of the pack with ease. It's excellent at keeping its lead, too; its handling is very forgiving, and its impressive acceleration means even the most catastrophic mistake won’t take it out of the race.

The Lancer weaves in and out of busy city streets without issue and can quickly tuck itself into alleys to avoid Need for Speed Unbound's aggressive cops. All this makes it an excellent choice for driving around to find collectibles or just to get from place to place. It also excels at short races like Corner King and Hard Eight tend to be. It isn’t perfect for Endurance or Speed races, but it can perform.

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Best Upgrades & Tuning for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX 2007

lancer in the garage

The Lancer doesn’t have much room for improvement at rating 208, but there are a few items to pick up that won’t tip it into A+ territory. This car can make the player a lot of money with the Getaway Driver Auxiliary. It’s risky, but this is the best A-tier car to take that risk in. The following upgrades and tuning bring the Lancer up to a 209 rating:

Upgrades Tuning
a pro roots supercharger Pro Roots Supercharger: Playing to its strengths, this will further improve the Lancer’s low-gear acceleration. mitsubishi lancer handling tuning
elite tires Elite Tires (generic): Achieves the best possible grip without affecting rating.
elite suspension Elite Suspension (generic): Increases tuning range.
elite differential Elite Differential: Increases tuning range.
super getaway driver Super Getaway Driver Auxiliary: Doubles the payout for escaping cops at the cost of halving the time it takes for reinforcements. Use with caution.
super nitrous boost Super Nitrous Boost Auxiliary: Players should pick an Auxiliary Nitrous Boost that fits their playstyle.

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Dodge Challenger SRT8 2014

Dodge Challenger SRT8 2014 Class: A (206) Price: $91,000
Top Speed 0 - 60 time 1/4 mile time Handling Drivetrain
183 4.2 12.6 40% Drift RWD

The Challenger is a muscle car, first and foremost, though that isn’t what makes it one of the best. Instead, it’s the impressive drift it brings to Drift and Takeover events. It’s also huge, so it smashes obstacles for points easily. It can slide through a turn sideways–hardly losing any speed–at 60% Drift and up. With some practice, it’s fairly easy to control, and it looks great with the flashy effects Unbound introduced.

The Challenger can compete in Speed and Endurance races, but it shines brightest in Takeover events. Short races like Hard Eight are difficult because, despite its impressive acceleration, it has a tough time keeping up at low speeds. The rear tires just spin too much to catch as quickly as AWD vehicles.

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Best Upgrades & Tuning for the Dodge Challenger SRT8 2014

a challenger in the garage

The Challenger starts at a rating of 206, so there’s almost no room for upgrading. However, an Elite set of drifting tires is a good investment, and it’ll really help improve how this car scores in the unique Takeover events.

As with any car, it’s also good to improve the tuning range. Lastly, an Undercover Racer Auxiliary is a good idea to make it easier for players to explore the city in the Challenger.

Upgrades Tuning
nfs-unbound-elite-drift-tires Elite Tires (Drift): Significantly improves drift control. dodge challenger handling tuning
elite suspension Elite Suspension (generic): Increases tuning range.
elite differential Elite Differential: Increases tuning range.
super under cover racer Super Undercover Racer Auxiliary: Doubles the time it takes for cops to spot the car.
super nitrous boost Super Nitrous Drift Auxiliary: Increases nitrous gained from drifting.

Need for Speed Unbound is available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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