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"Pinnacle Auto Appraisers was a great place to have my Tesla appraised...they took the time and had the was really nice to have their knowledge base at my disposal. I have a passion for electric vehicles as did they, Mike and Patrick were great with my needs.  These guys communicate with you very well..even received a pleasant follow up to make sure everything was taken care of. This is how Service should be!!!"  Robert Engelton - Boston, Massachusetts

We bring our expertise and experience to the table for large corporations as well as the little guy. Whether you are disputing a total loss claim or looking to purchase a classic or collector car: We can help value and inspect your vehicle or future purchase!

If you live in Boston, Massachusetts or in the surrounding areas we offer certified auto appraisals on classic cars, fleet vehicles, lease turn-in, total loss, diminished value, stated value, pre-purchase inspections, charitable donations, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and more!  Please contact us today for more information.

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