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Baton Rouge is one of the most unique auto markets in the lower United States for its regional location and ship channel access. The location is close enough to the ocean in the South and the Hill Country to the North to really add miles for commuters. Many people in the industry don't understand the difference between "miles" and "highway miles." We do.

The amount of miles people put on their vehicles runs in close understanding of how well those vehicles are maintained. We run across vehicles daily that have 100,000+ miles and are in far better condition than vehicles with half the mileage. We always inquire about the maintenance history and checking the fluids...listening...feeling...we always locate the lemons. 

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"Several years ago Baton Rouge had some major flooding. Our team was dispatched to go through a myriad of vehicles that had been flooded...might have been flooded...etc. What we started seeing intermixed were vehicles from other states that had simply not been taken care of in a way that a normal care should. The influx of blown engines, spent transmissions, broken and failing brake systems seemed to almost equal the washed out vehicles towed into our facility each day. I learned a lot from our lead appraiser as he took us aside and showed us how people will wait for a large catastrophe to unload vehicles that would not normally sell.

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I've been amazed at the ingenuity of the industry to take money from anyone, and pawn-off bad and spent vehicles on unsuspecting buyers. The thought these people have is that appraisers and insurance companies will be too busy to properly appraise vehicles and that the process and volume will allow their vehicles to pass through...Pinnacle Auto Appraisers made sure our team was properly equipped and that our senior staff was paying attention to details as our inspection process yielded great results for our clients."

We want our customers to leave knowing we found the proper value for their property and that this certification will hold-up anywhere it needs to go. We've found that our process can help with the valuation of vehicles for a myriad of situations, customers, and clients. We enjoy our jobs because we get to be heroes...there is nothing like the feeling of saving someones savings from a bad investment, or finding a greater value than someone expected!

We bring our expertise and experience to the table for large corporations as well as the little guy. Whether you are a CEO traveling between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, a mother buying her first car, a son needing the value of his father's collection, or a fleet manager looking for appraisals: We can help value what you own.

If you live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana or in the surrounding areas we offer certified auto appraisals on classic cars, fleet vehicles, lease turn-in, total loss, diminished value, stated value, pre-purchase inspections, charitable donations, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and more!  Please contact us today for more information.

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