Lovely country created from the strong arms of prospectors: rough-tough men and women who forged a lasting bastion between the mid-west and the looming beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Mild climates intermixed with winter furies can have a lasting effect on vehicles, as well as the effects of elevation, dry weather, and the occasional acts of God.

Simple things like local weather, elevation, and humidity can have a tremendous effect on the value of your vehicles...especially a fleet for a large corporation. Several of our commercial customers have run into similar situations with accusitions from low elevations when bringing fleet vehicles and rentals to regions as high as Denver and other Colorado locations.

seadoo"I had an interesting talk with a friend recently who had two Seadoo Water Craft donated to his Water Skiing Non-Profit for Handicapped Athletes ( During a great night of talking we began discussing the two Seadoos he had parked next to the fire-pit area. He said, 'Man you would not believe the story behind those two...' He went on to tell me how they never ran right, fouling plugs left and right. Took them to every service center he could find and no one could figure them out. His best guess as to why they were donated was because the previous owner figured he had two lemons.

denver logoWell on a trip to Florida he called Seadoo Reps ( and actually had mechanics meet him on the side of the highway on his way to a ski-clinic. Long-story-short...after hooking up electronics it turned out both machines had been set for (you guessed it) high-altitude...a few computer settings and a new set of plugs...running as good as new. The previous owner had moved from Colorado to Texas and failed to have the machines serviced for the new elevation."

Our goal at Pinnacle Auto Appraisers is to take into account the history of the vehicle, motorcycle, watercraft, you name it! We look for things you might not take into account. When recounting this story to one of our senior appraisers his first statement was, "Where did the Seadoo originate it was somewhere high up." He was right on the mark...reason he is paid the big bucks...

We bring our expertise and experience to the table for large corporations as well as the little guy. Whether you are a young guy tricking out a truck, a father restoring a car, a tuner building a custom rally car, or a fleet manager looking for appraisals: We can help value what you own.

If you live in Denver, Colorado or in the surrounding areas we offer certified auto appraisals on classic cars, fleet vehicles, lease turn-in, total loss, diminished value, stated value, pre-purchase inspections, charitable donations, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and more!  Please contact us today for more information.